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Photo of 1970 Yamaha XS650 Custom Bobber The Nippon Bobbers website is about all Bobbers, Choppers, Short Chops, Ratbikes, Street Trackers, Dirt Track Racers, Cafe Racers, TT Bikes, Lane Splitters, Lowriders, Hot Rods and other Custom Motorcycles powered by the Yamaha XS650 engine.


The Yamaha XS650 Engine

Photo of 1976 Yamaha XS650 Engine The Yamaha XS650 engine was introduced in 1969. After an exceptionally long production period of sixteen years, delivery of the XS650 was ceased in 1985 to make way for other engine designs.

Modelled after the British Triumph and BSA two cylinder engines, the XS650 was Yamaha's first 4 stroke engine.

The XS650 has proven to be a sturdy and dependable powerpack, and easy to maintain. Her sturdy gearbox and overdesigned roller bearings make it relatively easy for the average "amateur" wrench to improve performance, and the XS650 has built a reputation in all kind of motorcycle sports in the USA and Europe, from dirt track racing to sidecar motorcross.

Her sporty image, ease of maintenance, relatively low cost, and - most importantly - her good looks have made the XS650 very popular with Bobber and Chopper builders worldwide.

Yamaha XS650 Bobber Photo Albums

Here's an overview of the Yamaha XS650 Photo Albums on Nippon Bobbers:

Can a Japanese Engine Ever Be a Classic?

Many Harley Davidson fans won't agree.

And honestly, we can't believe that the endless succession of short lived Japanese motorcycle engine designs is fertile ground for classics. They are too short lived, too easily replaced, and too easily forgotten.

Still, consider an engine that was discontinued in 1985 - and which more than twenty five years later still has a following of fans to keep it alive and roaring.

An engine like that can't be all that bad, can it?

So maybe there are exceptions...